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I ask my Christian friends to please pray for my physical condition. which is getting desperate. The front end insomia continues relentless even after I've upped the dosage of drugs and supplements. This time I slept lightly for maybe half an hour at most. Then I woke up and experienced anxiety and claustrophobia. I took some anti-anxiety herbal pills, and the anxiety didn't last, but it caused me to become wide awake after I had seemed, before the anxiety hit, to have a pretty good shot at falling back asleep soon. It's not the the first time lately I've experienced anxiety and claustrophobia, and it's undoubtedly caused by all the sleep difficulty. (Front end insomnia is far worse and far more maddening than sleeping-short insomnia.) I had a nightmarish year in 2006 with anxiety and claustrophobia, and I don't want to repeat that.


I can't get the help I need from physicians with the pain that is probably the primary source of the sleep trouble. My chiropractor seems stuck on the idea that I've progressed to the point where he doesn't need to treat me and I simply need to do the strenuous exercises he's given me. I had progressed, but I've regressed greatly since then. And I'm doing the exercises faithfully, but they are not giving the slightest glimmer of relief from my pain. At the rate things are going, I think it could be many months before the exercises do anything to give me pain relief.


I called my orthopedic doctor's office to ask if they would give me a steroid shot in my neck region. The nurse called back and said they only give those shots in joints. I don't know why they wouldn't administer them to painful muscles.


I looked up pain doctors in the phone book, and the closest pain pracitce was a substantial distanc away. I don't know much about pain doctors. my experience with pain drugs has been that they seemed to work well for me for headaches but not for body aches.

I did get an appointment for Friday with my chiropractor.

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Posted on 03:52PM on Jul 30th, 2011
Of course I will say a prayer for you,I will do so right now.
We share similar ailments for I also suffer with insomnia,have done so for several years.Added to this chronic back pain that has been operated on unsuccessfully.
I wish you relief and sleep and I have said my prayer for you.
God Bless.
Posted on 07:16PM on Jul 30th, 2011
Thank you, garvan. I have suggestions for you. Please get the book on pharmaceutical grade fish oil by Dr. Barry Sears, Omega RX Zone. It could help with both things. Fish oil, more specifically EPA and DHA, is/are the most powerful health promoting substance(s) known to man. They are excellent for neurotransmitter health and fighting inflammation, the source of pain. Also for your back, please look into low level laser therapy. The home product I'll probably buy is the Q1000. It's apparently over $1000 USD. If you need something less expensive I suggest Light Relief, which is about $100 USD with shipping here.
Posted on 02:33PM on Aug 5th, 2011
Thank you for your suggestions,some food for thought.You will remain in my prayers,I know how draining insomnia is.I am disappointed no one else has picked up on your request.
Sadly I feel an awful lot of EP members prefer to pour scorn on Christian beliefs,I see this all too often in the questions and answers section.I pray God will grant you the gift of sleep,He always listens to our prayers,although they may not appear to be granted in the way we wish His guiding light always shines for those of us who listen to His words and practice what he has preached.
Please do not get me wrong,I am a man full of faults,I do not preach to people,we all have to find our own path in life,however as you have requested help through prayer you are included in my prayers to my maker.
God Bless,
Posted on 11:33PM on Aug 8th, 2011
Posted on 01:00AM on Apr 10th, 2012
I don't know if you are still suffering with pain issues but they can inject medication into "knotted" muscles to relieve pain, its called a trigger point injection, depending on how tight the muscle is and how deep it is it can be quite painful, but the results are worth it.

Get a sleep study done at any rate so you know if there is a easier fix for your sleep issues.
Posted on 01:42AM on Apr 10th, 2012
Thank you for the suggestion. Last year I got a divine healing for the upper body at my church, in two installments. Since then my upper body has been feeling better than any time since I injured it at 18. I hope to write a story about that this week.

Several years ago I had a sleep test that confirmed I have no sleep apnea. I have to take Seroquel, Mirapex (to keep Seroquel from giving me restless legs) and supplements to sleep. It beats not sleeping.
Posted on 01:54PM on Apr 10th, 2012
Have you considered Eastern modalities like acupuncture? Chronic pain is maddening. Insomnia can be devastating. The fact that you responded so well to prayer suggests that traditional Western medicines may not be suitable. Good luck my friend.
Posted on 04:06PM on Apr 10th, 2012
Crazy I too take seroquel. I take 1200mgs (max dose) and an antivan for restless legs.
Posted on 04:07PM on Apr 10th, 2012
Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night craving sugary foods?
Posted on 04:46PM on Apr 13th, 2012
Thanks for the suggestion, Pennonymous. Body pain is not much of a problem now. But because of my lifelong tendency toward poor-healing injuries, I bought a very expensive home low level laser therapy device. It suggests use on accupuncture points as well as the injury site.

I will respond to DA at her story.
Posted on 06:05AM on Apr 14th, 2012
My cravings were caused from seroquel, that's why I asked you, I just keep these little packets of natural peanut butter and it solves the issue.

I know people the ended up with diabetes from seroquel... that's why I was asking you about the sugar cravings.
Posted on 08:26PM on Apr 14th, 2012
i also take seroquel but only when it has been days of lost sleep or had a stressful day and i need to sleep to cope ...
Posted on 02:40PM on Apr 15th, 2012
My fasting blood sugar last time was 110, not real great, especially for someone who's carb-conscious. So as my sleep improves do look to reduce the Seroquel.
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